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Paul and Paul Collectibles is a small but growing enterprise, principally supplying paper collectibles (memorabilia, ephemera, books, prints, ads, etc.) to the wide world of collectors.
Paul Damon Sr. owns the business, which is operated by Paul Jr.

Originally started in 1976 as a very small supplier of antiquarian books, by the early 1980's it had evolved into a major regional supplier of sports cards and non-sports cards. About 1995 the emphasis again changed; the cards were stored away and other types of paper collectibles were unpacked. Today the goal is to be a major regional supplier of a general line of paper memorabilia and collectibles.

Our sales were originally through mail order and direct sales at shows. Now our sales are almost exclusively over the internet.

Duq Pilsner Beer Coaster

We are interested in purchasing antique paper at least 50 years old from any of the types of paper you can find here on our site. We would be interested in buying collections, estates and warehouse fulls. Most estates have this type of material sitting in boxes, hidden away until the executors find it and subsequently throw it away, but it's the old trip brochures, documents and other miscellany that we are looking for. We are usually not interested in individual items, except for the special catagories listed below. If you know of such collections, please forward a description as to type, quantity and general condition of items. Also if you have a large collection feel free to ask us if we might be interested.

If your collection is in reasonable driving distance of western Pennsylvania, we would appreciate the opportunity to visit your site, if it could be arranged. (We cannot state exactly how far we would go for collections, because for larger significant collections and warehouse finds we would be willling to travel further). Otherwise we may ask (if interested) that a representative box-full be forwarded to us for a closer look. This can be costly so we must correspond first to determine our interest.

We would consider the following items in both large quantities or even in single items: Caves and Bats (as in flying mammals, not baseball), especially items related to Mid-Atlantic area caves, and any pre-1900 prints and images of bats.

Brewery memorabilia from south-western Pennsylvania, especially Jones' Brewery (makers of Stoney's Beer), from Smithton, PA earlier known as Eureka Brewing.and from Duquesne Brewing, earlier known as Independent, of Pittsburgh.

Theater actress and poet Adah Isaacs Menken, who lived from about 1835 to 1868. Earlier known as Miss Ada Theodore, she is most famous for the play Mazeppa, in which she appeared in skin colored tights tied to the back of a horse, which she rode on specially built ramps through and around the theater audiences. We would be interested in any items vintage related to her.

Theater actress Lillian Russell who lived from 1861 to 1922. We are interested primarily in pre-1900 cabinet photos, colored images and programs, etc.

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